Patio umbrella keeps you cool while you chill

The Cool Mist Umbrella
Providing more than simple, old-fashioned shade, this patio umbrella sprays a fine mist to keep you cool while you hang-out.

As the summer approaches and the temperatures begin to rise, many of us will lament not being able to enjoy a meal on the patio because of the searing summer heat and sunshine. In the past, you would have gotten a plain old umbrella, which solves part of the issue by blocking the sun’s baking rays, but it just doesn’t cut it if the temperature is high.

Well, you can pick-up this Cool Mist Umbrella to address both problems. Looking like a normal patio umbrella made of canvas, the CMU offers a hidden secret: connect it to your garden hose and built-in sprayers will blast a frosty fine mist as you bask in the luxurious shade. Just make sure to cover your freshly made blended drinks so they don’t get watered down 😉

The Cool Mist Umbrella is only $200, which is way cheaper than leaving the patio door open with the air conditioner running!