Glow in the dark Illuminottoman for patio living

LED illuminated Illuminottoman decorates your patio and poolside
If you’ve got a nice big pool and patio, you probably have a good chunk of cash, so these light-up cubes may be just the ‘kick’ your night-time parties need!

Bring some modern, outdoor lighting to your back yard and give your guests something to talk about at the same time with these cubic ottomans. Each weatherproof cube is packed with 58 colored LEDs and a rechargeable battery. You can control the colors via an included remote control, or leave the cubes to slowly shift all of the colors of the spectrum. The battery will run the outdoor decorations for up to 8 hours.

The Illuminottoman is cool looking and pretty unique, but it comes with a $150 pricetag too. But then again, if you have a pool, I’m sure that’s just pocket change.