Enjoy a tropical evening anywhere in the world

Lighted palm tree patio umbrella
Get rid of that plain-old patio umbrella you’ve had rotting in the sun for the past few years and replace it with this breezy palm tree. It won’t protect you from the rain as well, but it looks way cooler.

Sadly, many of us dream of living a life of tropical relaxation but are trapped living nowhere near a palm tree or anything “tropical” in nature. However, with this cool lighted palm tree umbrella, you can decorate your patio so that you’ll feel as though you’re in Hawaii or the Bahamas on any regular night. It’s the perfect way to forget the long day slaving at the office. Make sure to bring the blender and maybe a tropical hammock.

The leaves are 84 inches wide and conceal several halogen bulbs which add atmosphere and functionality to your patio hideaway. The materials are durable and designed for use in the sun, as you’d expect.

The Lighted Palm Tree Umbrella is a bit pricey at $650, but since it allows you to take a daily mini-vacation to somewhere better without leaving your patio, it’s probably not a bad deal.