Beautiful real flame patio heater

Patio heater uses real flames to keep you warm
With the approaching chill of winter, you might be looking to add a bit of heat to your patio so that you can still enjoy the outdoors. Check-out this patio heater and stay warm!

Stylish patio heater warms with real flames
Looking somewhat like a piece of modern art, the Alpina Patio Heater is made from visually striking stainless steel and aluminum. The heater uses a real flame contained within a tube, so the wind is not a problem yet you still get the visual ambiance of the flame. An optional remote control lets you ignite the heater without leaving your chair.

The Alpina Patio Heater is the perfect way to keep your patio or terrace nice and warm while adding a bit of visual style to the area. You must contact them for the price and customizations.


  1. That looks like just what I need.