One wall outlet to rule them all

Wall outlet features USB charging ports in addition to normal 120v plugs
I hope that someday, all houses will have at least one of these awesome outlets in each room similar to how every house has a primitive telephone jack in nearly every room.

It seems that the humble USB port is not only great for data transfer, but it’s become the preferred power source for charging many devices. Just take a look at all of your gadgets and if they’re made in the past few year, there’s a good chance most will charge when plugged into a USB port.

So, this wall outlet takes that concept and provides not only regular 120 volt output, but also a couple of USB power ports so that you can plug your devices directly in, without the need to use an AC adapter.

Simple and elegant! You can buy these USB AC wall outlets and retrofit a few outlets in your house for only $23 each, not including professional installation if needed.


  1. Is having high and low voltage in one box allowed by code? Interesting note on their site: “This item is currently waiting on final safety approval.”

  2. Good question dd — I hadn’t thought of the building code repercussions…