No more fumbling with 2-litre bottles

Plastic spout lets you pour 2 litre bottles easily
And, you can even re-use them.

We’re all familiar with the common 2-litre bottle that is used to store drinks, water, and other liquids. They tend to be large, a bit flimsy when the pressure is released and generally more difficult to handle than your average bottle.

Well, with the Twist and Spout, all of your 2-litre problems are solved. The spout screws onto the top of your bottle and provides both a handle and a long spout for pouring the drink/liquid. This will make pouring simpler for nearly everyone and the long spout helps avoid sugary spills.

You can also use the Twist & Spout to re-cycle your empty 2-litre bottles by turning them into plant watering cans, using the bottles to hold water for rinsing surfaces, or anything else where you want a fairly large quantity of portable liquid. I’m sure you can find plenty of uses for something like this in the garage also, especially if you do any work on your cars.

The Twist & Spout is only $11 and comes in several colors.


  1. I’ve been thinking of one of these for quite some time. I have quite a few plants and it is usually too hard to water them w/ the, yes, 2 litre bottle and open-close cap. This would actually ensure I can water that hard to reach plant without getting it all over my bay window wood and rot it even worse. Tnx.