Never lose your WD-40 red straw again

The Hold-It band keeps aerosol straws with their cans
Or whatever other straws you have with your aerosol products.

You’re familiar with those little straws that are included with aerosol products such as WD-40. The straws let you concentrate the spray into a usable area instead of blasting a greasy mess everywhere. However, those little red straws have a problem: how do you keep track of them? They always seem to get lost and you can never find one when you need to fix that squeaky hinge or stuck latch.

Fear no more! The Hold-It is a neat product designed to always keep the little spray straws attached to the can you use them with. The band is made from an elastic polymer (presumably resistant to the typical chemicals that you find in these aerosols) and attaches to the can and to the straw. This allows you to use the straw and also remove it when you need a wider spray. Pretty clever!

The Hold-It is very affordable and starts at $5 for 12 bands and gets cheaper the more you order. I’ll post a review if I decide to get some – they look useful!