Let the bills pile-up for weeks and weeks!

Mail box holds weeks of mail securely in a locked compartment
We all hate going to the mailbox and finding nothing but greedy bastard companies with their hands out-stretched for money. Now, you can leave them for another day…

Of course, you probably don’t want to ignore your bills but if you do, here’s the mailbox for you. Oh, and it also works for when you’re on vacation 😉

The mailbox is mounted atop a large storage container which is lockable. When the postal delivery arrives, the mail is dropped into the storage compartment where it securely awaits your visit. Not only is this convenient for when you go out of town and don’t want mail piling-up, but it’s also handy for keeping the “identity thieves” (ugh – lame term from the modern media) at bay.

This piece of mind and security for your long-term secure storage of mail will cost you $100, which isn’t that bad if you’ve priced any mailboxes lately.


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