Variable intensity hot sauce

Dave's Insanity adjustable hot sauce
Think Dave’s Insanity is too hot? Dial it down to your level.

I first discovered Dave’s Insantiy hot sauces when I was on vacation in Captiva, Florida many years ago. There is (was? after the hurricanes) a small store that had a hot sauce selection I had never seen before. An entire wall of everything from the common grocery-store vinegar-heavy garbage to boutique locally-made sauces.

At this store, I once spotted a bottle that came in a miniature coffin. “Wow! That must be HOT sauce!” I thought. Of course, the price on the “reserve” sauce was prohibitive so I grabbed a bottle of the normal Dave’s Insanity. Hmm… a warning about how people with health conditions should not eat it – interesting.

Needless to say, the stuff was/is HOT. The kind of hot that makes you pray for a spasher the next day if you know what I mean. A bit too hot, even for me.

However, Dave’s has come-up with a solution for those of us not wanting to experience the ring of fire after every meal: adjustable intensity hot sauce. You can adjust a “spray” (pepper extract I’m assuming) to control the level of heat from “spicy to fiery” to match your mood and desire for pain.

The Dave’s Adjustable sauce is a neat idea and surely a great give for the hot sauce lover on your list at only $10.


  1. Great! I am glad you posted this. I am packing for a hunting trip right now. Anyways there is a kid (20 yrs. old’ish) who can eat “anything hot”. I told him my sauce, which you actually bought me, is super nasty hot. It is something like #3 after Dave’s Insanity and the special Dave’s Insanity sauces.
    Mine is Mad Dog Inferno. WOW, that is super hot to me. Anyways, I will write on how he takes this when I get back. Hehehehe. After reading this post, I wrote a note to pack my lesser then Dave’s sauce for this kid. I am sure he will want this adjustable sauce after trying my #3.

  2. That is awesome! i have never seen that before. I have had Daves INsanity Sauce and wow, that was a crazy ride. Cool gizmo!