The ultimate kitchen blender

The Blendtec kitchen blender
Toss your wimpy blender in the trash and step-up to some real power.

I appreciate quality items as much as anyone, and that appreciation extends into the kitchen. I consider my kitchen gadgets to be just another tool like I’d use for building my electronics or working on the car. Therefore, I want quality construction, good design, and a pleasant usage experience.

However, I must say that this Blendtec blender might overstep even my demands for quality kitchen tools. In the video below, you’ll see it pulverize glass marbles into a fine dust. I suppose that the implication is that it will reduce your ice cubes to a perfect margarita consistency with ease compared to marbles, but no matter, I was left wondering if grinding marbles is a good demonstration of a kitchen appliance.

Interestingly, the blenders shown in these videos are their “entry level” models. They have a 20-amp commercial model which they say will perform even more amazing feats.

The series showing strange uses of the Blendtec devices (aka Extreme Blending) is available at and has links to the various products. The blender in the video is around $400.