Tabletop garden grows fresh herbs indoors

The Aerogrow indoor kitchen hyrdoponic garden
Combining two unlikely technologies, this indoor growing system marries hydroponics and computers to create a super-easy-to-use tabletop garden.

The Aerogrow is a neat gizmo that I’ve been hearing about on the radio since the Boulder, Colorado company’s stock went public. It’s basically a next-generation hyrdoponic growing system that you can use to raise your own fresh herbs or other small plants right on your table. Unlike most hydroponic grow systems, though, it’s very easy to setup and maintain thanks to the engineered nutrients and seeds, as well as the computer which maintains the environment and alerts you to things that need your attention.

It’s a neat combination of tech and “earthy” interests, which is a combination you don’t find everyday. The Aerogrow system comes with the planting unit, a light, the control center, and everything else you need to get growing. Now, you can actually cook with fresh herbs (and yes, they do taste much better than the dried crap in the metal cans) without breaking the bank. Well, other than the $150 you’ll have to break-out to buy the Aerogrow at least.

And, for those who’re no doubt thinking of growing something else: the lamp is too small, so enjoy your fresh oregano and parsley 😉


  1. Fantastic article! I enjoyed your insight on hydroponics. It is a fun hobby.
    I personally own a hydroponic
    grow box system by Homegrown Hydroponics
    and I am able to grow plants year
    round, completely automated. We live in a cold climate here in British Columbia,
    and now we don’t have to wait for the right time of year to grow fresh flowers!

  2. what a great post! I loved your view on hydro. I admit its a funny hobby to get into. I have been growing hydro for a few years now. We currently have been trying to switch to LED lights and found that most of the products are bogus so we spent the last two years building the superLED. We now grow with LED Grow Lights feel free to check us out Led Growing Lights

  3. I think this is really a good and attrative thing to keep over your table..

    Thanks for the info and i will surely look ahead to buy one of them for me ..

  4. An excellent bit of info, I have just got my mother in law into growing a hydroponics garden, best thing I ever did. Now my phone bills much cheaper and I get free fruit and veg…lol