Special pan makes special brownies

Pan lets you bake brownies with lots of edge pieces!
No, not those kind of special brownies — these brownies have lots and lots of “edge” on them. You know, the extra-tasty baked edge that any sane person loves more than the center part.

It seems that everyone likes brownies. They are the essence of everything great when it comes to baking: chocolaty-goodness that’s chewy and cakey at the same time. What’s better? The edge brownies which come from the perimeter of the pan, that’s what!

However, there’s never enough edge-brownies compared to middle-brownies. Enter the Edge Brownie Pan.

It’s a specially-designed pan which maximizes the edge-to-center ratio of your baked treats. The pan is a narrow channel that folds back on itself rather than simply being an open dump for the brownie batter like a normal pan. Now, you can cook 150 square inches of extra-special edge-brownies, much like those muffin top pans that let you make top-only muffins.

Get the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan for only $34. It’s the gizmo that keeps baking and baking and baking…


  1. Oooh, I like the looks of it! Might have to get one to try out. Of course, that means needing to find more self control, with a normal pan, there are only 4 really good pieces! 🙂 ha ha ha