Never fight to get a lid open again

Jar opener opens lids with ease
You’ll never have to resort to using screwdrivers, spoon handles, or other odd methods to open a tightly sealed jar if you have this opener.

Most vaccuum sealed jar lids aren’t too bad to open, as long as you can get a solid grip on the lid. However, some are either sealed extremely tightly, or they are of such a size that you can’t grasp them enough to open the jar. For example, I used to keep a pair of Channel Lock pliers handy to open medium lids and even had to poke a hole in one gigantic pickle-jar lid that I just couldn’t get open any other way.

With the Lee Valley Jar Opener, though, all of those hassles are a thing of the past. Just hook the specially shaped opener over the lip of the vacuum sealed lid and press down. The vacuum is vented without damaging the lid and you can then open the jar as if it was never sealed to begin with. Simple and useful!

Get the Lee Valley Jar Opener for $8 — why not get a few for gifts as well?

[Thanks Cool Tools]