More BBQ: Wireless talking grill thermometer

Wireless talking BBQ thermometer
Continuing the BBQ trend for the upcoming holidays, today I bring you the wireless grill thermometer that talks!

You’re the man — the man who does the BBQing for the family. Cooking meats over a flame is supposed to run in your blood; it’s just something you know how to do.

However, not everyone has that particular ability and others are worried about over-cooking their $25 fillet no matter what their skill level. Enter the wireless BBQ grill thermometer.

You jam the sensor into the meat you’re cooking and you can then carry the wireless readout up to 300 feet away and still stay appraised of what’s happening with your meat. The display shows the temperature and even the progress of your cooking, so it must know something about cooking burgers verses steaks. And, to prevent you from having to actually look at the display, it even talks to you and warns when your food is nearly done. You may hang around the grill to avoid the talking of someone else in your life, but you’ll want to hear this!

Grab the Wireless BBQ Grill Talking Thermometer for $75 and never ruin that juicy fillet mignon again!