Mmmmm your hand looks tasty today!

Sub sandwich shaped oven mitt
This unusual pot-holder not only protects your hands from being burned but it may even make you and your guests hungrier for whatever you’re cooking!

We all like to eat (and maybe make) delicious foods, but typically, things like pot holders just aren’t that interesting. They’re usually just boring mitts made from some kind of boring cloth, or if you’re really progressive in your kitchen, maybe you have a silicone oven mitt.

Well, here’s a pot holder that will get you a few comments from the people you’re cooking for. It looks very much like a sub sandwich – lettuce, meat, tomatoes and everything! And, with your hand inside, it will have 100X more meat than the wimpy sandwiches from that “healthy” sub chain 😉

Ram your hand up in a sub sandwich oven mitt for only $17 and grab that hot pan!