Make your own wine, on your own time

The Winepod personal wine making machine
Move-over, breadmaker, there’s a new kitchen gadget in town and it makes wine.

There are all sorts of interesting “do it yourself” food gadgets out there, ranging from the common bread machine to brew-it-yourself beer kits. However, the Winepod takes that to a new level of sophistication in both technology and the food produced.

Once you have your Winepod, you simply dump grapes (or juice) into it and press the start button. The machine automatically smashes the grapes, maintains the appropriate temperatures for fermentation, and even interfaces to your computer via a couple of sensors. The end result is that you can make your own personal wines and experiment with recipies to create your own style, very easily.

The Winepod is not cheap at $1,999 but there is currently a waiting list to get one. Apparently when you’re used to drinking pricey wine, a pricey gadget to make it is not out of the question.