Magnetic bottle opener sticks where it’s handy

Magnetic bottle opener sticks where you need it
Never be forced to search for your bottle opener again – stick it on the fridge where the beer is!

You probably cannot count how many times you or a friend has retrieved a tasty, cold beer from the fridge only to realize that it’s not a twist-off and you cannot find the opener.

That, of course, is one of the reasons that the old vending machines had built-in bottle openers. You want the opener where the bottles are dispensed. Now you can apply that same logic to your home with the magnetic bottle opener. It sticks to any ferrous surface and provides a one-handed bottle-opening experience much like the classic vending machines did. It’s available in black, chrome, white and red to match any kitchen or bar decor.

The magnetic bottle opener will run you $27, but the nice thing is that you’ll probably never lose it since it sticks to the fridge, so it’s probably worth it compared to dozens of lost hand-helf openers.