Love lemons but hate sticky hands?

Silicone lemon squeezer keeps your hands clean
We’ve all done it: squeezed a lemon for a bit of tasty flavor in our beer/food, but ended-up with nasty, sticky fingers. There’s just no way around it — or is there?

Get yourself one of these silicone lemon squeezers and perhaps you’ve seen the last of sticky fingers!

Made of silicone for easy cleaning, the squeezer is split so that you just insert the perforated lemon into the bright yellow gizmo and squeeze! The exit side of the squeezer has small holes which help to filter pulp from the resulting juice. When you’re done, simply turn it inside-out and wash.

The Silicone Lemon Squeezer is only $6 and also works on any other small citrus fruits you might want to convert to juice.