Keep wine chilled in your fridge

Wine bottle holder hangs under fridge shelf
For those of you who don’t drink boxed-wine but instead splurge for the bottled variety, you may have noticed that it’s often difficult to stand a wine bottle in the fridge to chill it, especially if the cork is sticking partway out.

For a moment, ignore the fact that the photos shows a red wine in the fridge (I’m not a connoisseur by any means, but to my knowledge, you generally don’t chill reds) and imagine that it’s a bottle that you do want to chill. The problem is that many refridgerators don’t have enough space between the shelves to stand a wine bottle in. Of course, you could lay the bottle down, but that’s not efficient use of space.

Instead, get this Fridge Wine Bottle Holder and suspend your bottles underneath the shelf horizontally. This saves space and even lets you use space that was completely wasted previously. The holders very reasonably priced at $2 each currently — just make sure that you have wire racks to connect them to. In my fridge, I have glass shelves, so this won’ work. I guess it’s a good thing I drink boxed wine!