How old and nasty is that food in your fridge?

DaysAgo freshness timer helps keep tabs on old food
If you’re the kind of person who often finds foods in the refrigerator and you don’t know how old the food is, these digital timers will help you track if things are OK to eat.

Tracking the freshness of foods in your fridge needn’t be a chore with the DaysAgo digital freshness timers. These small stick-on timers will attach to bottles, containers, and packages and let you know how many hours, days and weeks something has been fermenting in the back of your icebox. So, you’ll always know what your chances are for getting a case of food poisoning from that strange container of spaghetti on the bottom shelf 😉

The DaysAgo food freshness digital timers are $10 each and are available with a magnetic or suction cup mount.



  1. I saw the inventor of these on TV. She thought of it to monitor baby food (which apparently goes bad in only 2 or 3 days). That helps explain their high cost — no price is too high to save the baby!

    I don’t believe she got rich by repackaging a clock!