Home donut factory would make Homer proud

Home donut maker machine
You know that old George Foreman grill that drains the fat away? Who wants that anymore – get the Simpsons Donut maker and keep more of the fat in!

While it may look similar to the Foreman grills you can find in every store these days, this item is a bit more exclusive. It allows the aspiring home donut chef to crank-out batches of six hot, fresh, puffy donuts which are sure to please the kids and pack on the pounds.

The cooking plates are made from a non-stick material which helps ease the cleaning and aids in releasing your precious ring-shaped snack without damage. Of course, recipes are included.

The Simpsons Donut Maker is £24.95, but knowing the American desire for fatty, sugary foods, I’m sure it’ll be available in the USA soon enough.