Gun-shaped fried eggs? What next?

Egg ring makes pistol-shaped eggs
Do you have a child who’s into cowboys and would love pistol-shaped eggs for breakfast? Are you shopping for someone who’s mad about Western movies and already has everything except gun-shaped fried eggs? Read on!

If you’re a cook who likes to add a bit of flair from time to time, you know how hard it can be to come-up with something “new and fresh” constantly. If you plop a pistol-shaped fried egg on somebody’s plate, though, you can be mostly assured that they’ve never seen such a concoction.

The egg-ring is shaped like a western-style pistol and is made of stainless steel for a long, carefree life of eggciting cooking. Simply place the mold onto a flat griddle and then crack the egg inside and cook as usual. Then serve and amaze your kids or other family members.

Get the gun-shaped egg ring for less than $10. Click that link and pull the trigger on the Buy button!