Easy vacuum storage for your foods

Counter-top vacuum sealed food storage container
Tired of having your food go bad too quickly and don’t want to mess with those finicky vacuum sealing bag machines? Keep fresh foods handy with this countertop vacuum storage container.

Vacuum sealing your foods is a fantastic way to preserve freshness and help keep things from spoiling too quickly. Typically, to vacuum seal foods, you’d buy one of those machines which uses special bags and seal food in those. The problem, however, is that you have to keep the sealer machine handy and the foods you package will not be conveniently accessible without tearing the bags open. Not a very good solution for foods you need to access frequently.

Instead of using sealed bags, why not create an entire compartment that’s vacuum sealed? That’s exactly what this Electronic Vacuum Storage Container does!

It features a large compartment which you can easily place your fruits, breads, donuts, and whatever else into. When you’re ready, simply close the lid and an electric pump automatically draws the air out of the compartment, keeping things nice and fresh. When you need to get more of your tasty treats out, simply open the lid, grab it, and let the machine do its thing again. Much easier than the sealer and custom bags!

Get the Electronic Vacuum Storage Container for $70.

[Thanks Cooking Gadgets]


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