Donut machine cranks minis out in your kitchen

Machine makes hot donuts right in your kitchen
Forget that dusty old bread making machine! This awesome all-in-one machine cranks-out miniature donuts right on your kitchen counter!

Mmmm… donuts. Hot, fresh donuts are one of life’s simple pleasures. However, most of us don’t eat them that often because it requires a special trip to a donut store at the right time to get them as they’re coming out of the fryer. Well, we don’t eat them also because they’re not very good for us, but that’s no fun to talk about.

However, what if you could own a single machine that would make the donuts for you, right in your own home? It would have a nozzle to make the donut blog, a built-in hot oil fryer, and a conveyor belt to do all the work so you don’t have to. Well, such a fantastic machine actually does exist and you can buy it!

The Dough-Nu-Matic may have a questionable name, but the concept is unquestionably great. Simply put the donut mix into the hopper and 50 seconds later, a hot and tasty treat is coming out the other end of the machine. Clearly, human-kind has reached its pinnacle with this incredible invention.

Get your very own Dough-Nu-Matic for $130 and don’t forget to order some larger pants too.

[Thanks Gizmodo]


  1. Do they have a calorie extractor option for the donuts?