Combine slow-moving liquids with ease

EZ Funnels
If you’re the kind of person who likes to consolidate bottles of shampoo, soap, ketchup, or whatever, but you hate waiting for the slow-moving liquids to transfer, check these funnels out!

The EZ funnel makes it easy to combine the contents of two bottles of liquids, no matter how slow the liquid moves. When you’re trying to pour one bottle into another by hand, it can become really annoying to watch thick liquids drip drip drip slowly into the new bottle.

Well, stick the EZ Funnel into the destination bottle, and then you can insert the upper bottle and the EZ Funnel will hold the bottle upright for you. The funnel is made from a soft, dishwasher-safe rubber that will work with many different sizes of bottles.

Now, you can do something else while every last drop of lotion, mustard, shampoo, or whatever else you like to combine changes containers. You can get two EZ Funnels for only $11.


  1. Wow, This is so cool. No more mess. This is going to change the world!