Coffee/tea scoop has built-in freshness seal

Coffee scoop combined with a bag clamp to seal the bag for freshness
Keep your coffee or tea fresh and never lose the scoop with this smart combination gizmo.

If you’re going to buy good quality coffee or tea, you want to keep it sealed tightly so the flavor stays fresher longer. You can use a “chip clip” type thing to do this, but then you need to keep track of the clip and also a scoop to measure the coffee or tea with.

Instead, grab this combination Scoop ‘n Clip gadget! It’s a bag clip, which seals the top of your coffee or tea bag tightly shut, but also has a nice measuring scoop on the end. One device: two functions. Now you’ll always have the scoop nearby whenever you open a bag to make some tea or coffee!

The Scoop ‘n Clip is a very reasonable $7 and is made of high quality stainless steel.



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