Chill drinks without watering them down

These ice cubes won’t water your drinks down!
It’s getting hot outside in most parts of the country, so it’s natural to want a nice chilly drink to cool you off. That usually means adding ice, but what if you don’t want your drink watered-down by the melting cubes?

These faux ice cubes are actually cut pieces of soapstone. You can place the blocks into your freezer to chill them down, and then safely add them to your drinks where they will absorb the heat in the liquid for a nice long time. You could use these to keep beverages that you’d never normally dilute with ice cold, such as beer 🙂

Conversely, you can heat the cubes and use them to keep your coffee or tea hot for longer periods.

The Soapstone Ice Cubes are $17 for a set of six, which definitely isn’t cheap, but remember that they’re re-usable.


  1. From the picture it appears that you can grow mint or some other plant on your soapstone. Your beverage will never be boring again, and your tea will have that mint zing to it!