Blast-chill your canned drinks or wine bottles

The Cooper Cooler chills your canned drinks
Never will you be forced to drink a warm soda or beer again thanks to this great gizmo! Oh, it also chills your white wines if your tastes run in that direction.

What happens if you’re hosting a BBQ party and it’s so hot outside, you and your guests have already chugged all of the cold beer, and the only stuff left is warm from sitting in the basement?

You get your Cooper Cooler out! It will chill a single can at time, taking only one minute to cool it nice and frosty cold. The device rotates the can while chilling it to increase the efficiency, but you have the option of selecting “no rotation” on the advanced electronic control panel. The Cooper Cooler will also handle wine bottles and cools them to the proper temperature within six minutes.

You have to provide your own ice and $60 to get the Cooper Cooler, but it’s a small price to pay to never have disappointed guests choke-down warm beer.