BBQ tongs with a built-in flashlight

BBQ tongs that have a built-in flashlight for night-time grilling
Never lose that meat in the dark again.

With the recent time-change, you may have noticed that it’s getting dark pretty early these days. That can present some serious problems when you want to BBQ after a long day at work, usually involving overly-bright porchlights or holding a flashlight in your mouth.

Well, with these Flashlight Tongs, you can grill with ease in the dark. An integrated LED flashlight in the hinge of the tongs provides light to sear that steak and brown those brats.

The Flashlight Tongs are available for a whopping $50 from RedEnvelope, who not only has inflated prices, but also inflated URLs (the one for this item is 404 characters long(!), hence the tinyurl link).


  1. It looks like nice with built-in flashlight.

  2. BBQ at night? Wooot! That sounds like a plan!

  3. Best tool EVER! I have to get one of these!!!