BBQ brush screws right onto the sauce bottle

BBQ brush screws right onto the sauce bottle
With the hot weather and upcoming holidays (July 4 in the US) lots and lots of people will be spending their time slaving over a hot BBQ, applying sauce to savory meats. Here’s how you can make it easier!

You know the drill when you’re BBQing. Get the BBQ sauce out, pour it into a cup or bowl, and then baste it onto the food you’re cooking. What if you could skip all of that and go straight to basting?

Well you can, with the bottle-top baster. It’s a basting brush that screws directly onto the top of the BBQ sauce container. When you squeeze the bottle, the sauce is forced out through the top and into the bristles allowing you to cover that chicken, turkey legs, or whatever else in a glorious layer of sugary BBQ goodness. Just don’t let any of the raw juices suck back into the bottle!

Grab yourself a BBQ bottle-top baster for only $4 before the 4th gets here!



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