A wine cellar in your kitchen

Refrigerator has built-in wine storage compartment
Keeping some good bottles of wine handy is a good idea, but a wine cellar is a better choice for storing wine at the correct temperature. This refrigerator brings the cellar to your kitchen so a drink is never more than a few steps away!

If you like wine and want to store it properly, you need to control the temperature of the environment it’s in. Typically, you’d buy a wine cooler (or wine fridge) which is a small dorm-room sized refrigerator that is customized to hold bottles of wine.

However, if you don’t have the space for a dedicated wine fridge, or just think that running two refrigerators is wasteful, you’ll want to check-out this high-end kitchen fridge that has a wine storage compartment built-in! Of course, you have your usual food storage compartment with drawers for vegetables and fruit, and also a freezer compartment for those all-important Hot Pockets. The third wine storage chamber has a glass door and interior halogen lamp to illuminate the 39 bottles it can hold at the perfect temperature. The entire fridge is made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and would go well into any higher-end kitchen.

Get the John Lewis Side-by-Side Fridge with Wine Cooler for £2,000. Nobody said that going high-end was cheap!

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