Keep your kid’s gaming and TV time under control

Automatic timer controls TV and video game use
While that $20 DVD you entertain little Joey with might be the cheapest babysitter in the world, most people will agree that letting kids watch too much TV or spend too much time playing video games not a good thing. This timer helps with managing that.

Let’s face it. If you gave most kids free reign of their time spent watching TV or playing video games, most would spend the entire day doing it. So, most parents set limits on the number of hours their kids can spend each day in front of the TV, which is good.

The problem comes with enforcing those time limits. You might get busy doing something in the kitchen and forget to pry the controller out of Joey’s hands or perhaps Janey gives you a hard time claiming that she didn’t get her full allotment of time to watch Shrek.

That’s where the Bob Screentime Timer comes-in. Simply plug the TV or computer monitor into the Bob and you can program the amount of time each of your children are allowed to use the device per day. The kids then login to the timer with their own account and can begin using the connected device while the timer keeps track of their time remaining. Up to six accounts can be created on the timer, so you can assign different limits to older children for example.

The Bob Screentime Timer, like most things kid-related, is relatively expensive at $100. You’d think that they’d be able to choose a better name than “Bob” for that kind of green.

[Thanks The Gadget Website]


  1. So does the timer turn off the television when done and prevent it from starting again?