Hook box concept is so simple, why can’t you buy it?

Merging a coat hook with a storage box
Coat hooks are one of those things that’s handy to have, but generally fills only one function in the house. You can hang a coat on them, but you still have to keep your keys and wallet somewhere else and remember to grab them on the way out.

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You have to wonder why nobody has thought of combing the coat hook with a storage box as Luca Nichetto has done in this concept work.

Melding a storage box on top of the hook gives you somewhere to keep things that you generally always want to take with your coat, such as car keys, cell phones, or whatever else is critical to your life outside of the house.

Sadly, from what I can tell (the site is not very informative) this Hookbox product is only in the “concept” stage, so you cannot buy it yet, but I’d imagine that you’ll see them in stores soon enough.


  1. I like how it gives you an area to put things like your keys or your wallet. Very good thinking whoever came up with this one.