Hidden screen door keeps bugs out

Hidden screen door keeps bugs out
Do you demand a screen door on your house but don’t like getting abused by it closing on you? Try this…

Many people have screen doors on their houses. They are nice for keeping bugs out while letting a bit of air in, but the doors often slam shut on you while you’re trying to go in or out and can be a real pain. Not much of a pain usually, but still, it can be inconvenient.

Well, for the person who cannot stand getting bashed by their door, the Secret Screen might be the perfect answer!

You install the Secret Screen above the doorway with four screws. Once it’s installed, it blends-in with the frame. When you want to “close the screen door” though, you simply pull the screen down to cover the doorway and bask in the fresh air that blows through. There’s a video showing it in action, too.

The Secret Screen is only $50, which is pretty cheap if you have a door where you could use it. There’s a satisfaction guarantee should it not do what you need, which is important when you’re trying a brand-new, unusual gadget.


  1. That is a smart idea. I need one.