Get a grip on your outdoor fauce handle

Faucet mitts protect your hands from rusty, sharp water spigots
Whether it’s cold and your hands are not working to their full potential or you just have an old water spigot that’s broken or hard to turn, these faucet “mitts” will keep your hands safe.

Most of us have dealt with a cheap or old water spigot somewhere in a house. They’re often made from rough, un-polished cast iron or are even sometimes broken, leaving sharp edges which are painful to grasp. So, when it’s time to turn the water on or off, you just bite your lip and bear it, right?

How about trying some of these Faucet Mitts instead? You just slip them over the spigot handle in question and you’re able to grab a nice cushioned plastic grip instead of tearing your hands up. Simple, useful, and elegant.

Get a set of two Faucet Mitts for only $3.50 from Amazon.

[Thanks Tool Monger]


  1. Niiiice!

    I think I’m actually going to buy one of these – I go camping/hiking quite often with my family and I think this would be great for my wife and kids. So cheap too, nice little item!

    Cool post,

  2. These look really cool! I am going to buy some for my parents who seem to have a hard time at their old house getting the water on.

  3. My mother could use these around her house. There’s always some old rusted up ones to scratch or get cut on.

  4. My mother uses these on all her outdoor faucets. It makes it easier with her arthritis to handle them.

  5. What a novel concept, I know when its friggin cold outside and I have to turn on the spickets to prevent them from freexing these would come in handy. Thanks for the tip…

  6. Great idea, my Mom also has athritis and has trouble with the outside water faucet.