Protect your exotic cars even when garaged

Car curtain gives your car protection when in the garage
If you’ve got loads of money and a couple expensive cars in your garage, you might be interested in a tidy curtain to keep the cars separated.

Of course, I have to wonder why, if you’ve got multiple exotic cars you don’t have a very large garage to put them in with plenty of space, but for now, I’ll ignore that 😉

The Car Curtain is a ceiling-mounted sliding curtain that you can use to divide your garage and offer protection to one or two cars from dings, scratches and other Bad Things. It’s certainly more convenient than a car cover as you just pull it shut rather than wrestling with the cover, so it’s perfect for cars that you actually drive.

I suppose that the curtain might be useful if you have kids who might heed the “private space” of your car inside the curtain, but I still have to wonder why you can’t just open your car doors carefully to prevent dings, and don’t scratch the car as you walk by it (it’s never been a problem for me).

Oh well – when you’ve got loads of money, who needs to worry about such inconveniences when you can just buy the Car Curtain for $350 (single version) or $600 (dual version).

[Via BornRich]


  1. I can’t believe there charging $350 for an oversized shower curtain, seriously you’d have to be crazy to purchase one.