Keep nuts and bolts handy while working

Magnetic wrist band keeps hardware handy while you work
Don’t you just hate when you’re standing on a ladder, unscrewing something and despite your best efforts to set the screws carefully on the ladder’s top, they fall off? Down you climb, then hunt for the missing screw, and then climb back up. What a pain. This’ll fix that!

Having dropped my share of nuts, bolts, C-clips, springs, screws and other assorted hardware on the floor, I know first-hand what a chore it can be to try to find said hardware, especially when it rolls out of sight or you’re trying to hold your project on the workbench.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of lost hardware while you work, you can get this Magwear Magnetic Wrist Band. It’s got a little “tray” that has a magnet underneath. The tray is attached to an elastic wristband which you can comfortably wear to keep the tray and your hardware handy while you work. As you undo the nuts and bolts, just dump them onto the tray and watch them stick. It’s like magic… well known magnetic magic, but still…

Get the Magwear Magnetic Wrist Band for $18 and quit chasing those rogue nuts and washers!

[Thanks Core77]