Zoltar sees your wallet getting thinner!

Home Zoltar machine is perfect for your gameroom
Everyone’s favorite mechanical fortune teller is no longer only to be found in carnivals and fairs. You can own Zoltar, for a price.

One of the classic icons of the travelling carnival and amusement park, Zoltar is a mechanical fortune telling machine that’s been made famous on many TV shows and movies, such as the Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone.

Zoltar fortune telling machine for your home gameroom
Basically, you drop a coin into Zoltar and his head moves, the crystal ball lights-up, Zoltar speaks, and you’re dispensed one of a handful of pre-printed fortune tickets. Yeah, it’s somewhat like opening a fortune cookie as the “fortune” is not customized for each user, but it’s the added ambiance of the Zoltar character and show that makes it worth a quarter.

Well, now you can have your very own Zoltar in your home, complete with all of the animations and mystery of the carnival units. This home Zoltar sits in his own wheeled oak cabinet that’s richly detailed with accents to make it really look like a curio shop gem. Zoltar himself features a voice, moving arms and head, and light-up crystal ball in addition to the requisite fortune card dispenser. No matter how you measure it, this Zoltar machine is top-notch in every way and will make a great addition to your home gameroom.

While predicting fortunes may be a bunch of hooey, there’s one thing even I can predict: Buy this Zoltar machine for your home and you’ll be much poorer in the future. The Zoltar is $9,000 and needs another $500 for a special shipping charge. Better hope he predicts that you’ll win the lottery!


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