Joined at the hip by a chair

Two person office chair
You’ve probably heard the phrase “they’re joined at the hip” and this chair actually does that, thus allowing two people to share a computer screen equally.

I’ve taken my share of training classes that need a computer yet the training room doesn’t have enough computers for each person, so you must share. Generally, as adults, sitting two people in front of the screen so both can learn has not been a problem, but that’s probably because I only worked with people I liked!

If you don’t like your co-workers and need a bit of help to avoid fighting over who has the best vantage point of the screen, you can check-out this two-person chair design. It’s basically two normal office chairs melded together to form a single structure. This keeps both seatees separated but together, to avoid cat-fights and other unprofessional behavior.

The Two Person Chair is currently only a concept at this point, but it seems easy enough to make that you might actually see them on the market. I’m not sure if it’s something I’d personally buy, but maybe if you have bickering children or something like that, it’s obviously beneficial to you.


  1. Solves one problem, creates yet another. Chair height! Ahhh, how I can hear the bickering now over in the next cube.

  2. Al, Just do what you normally do and slap the kids and tell them to eat there dinner. 🙂

  3. The chair(s) are not a great design for the comfort level that should be given to co-workers. The concept might be better if they were not welded but connected by something flexible. Better luck next time.

  4. This not only creates the problem with chair height, it will be a fight about who will use the middle arm rest.