Humane way to have a mounted deer head

Hand carved deer head sculpture
If you’re just not the kind of person who wants to actually kill a deer to have its head mounted on your wall, then you might want to take a look at this hand-carved wooden deer head.

Ahhh… What can’t you buy and sell on the internet?

Hand-carved from a nice chunk of basswood, these large replica deer heads can be mounted over a fireplace or anywhere else that you might typically find a mounted animal head. The piece features many fine details including fur-like textures and realistic antlers. Overall, the carving measures a fairly large 17 inches or more per side. This isn’t a tiny table-top carving!

Save a deer yet still enjoy the ambiance of trophy mounts with the $450 hand carved wooden deer head.

[Thanks BigAl]


  1. OMG.. I remember one time when I had a job as an installer, and I’d go out to peoples houses, sometimes they’d have “real” deers on their wall. One time I went to one were the guy must have had about 150 stuffed deers… It was a bit freaky… almost to the point, I was expecting some chainsaw ladened, ski mask wearing murderer to jump out from behind one and get me.

  2. That would be freaky, Beth!

  3. Hopefully the wood isn’t from some protected rain forest!

  4. i dont think there is anything humane about having an animals head on your wall unless its Bin Laden!

  5. This is a great idea and not as creepy as a real deer head.

  6. I’m gonna put one of these in my front yard right next to my homemade deer blind and scare the neighbors.