Fat-legged table hides your cable

Fat legged table hides ugly computer cables
A unique way to manage that mess of cables that’s present on any modern electronic device.

What do you do when you want a computer or other many-cable-using-device in the open in a nicely decorated room but don’t want the mess of black, white, and grey wires to be visible?

You invent a slightly modified table which has one leg that’s hollow and can conceal the ugly cables. That’s exactly what Richard Shed did with his “fat leg table”. It’s a stylish decorative table which would be suitable for use in a nice looking design scheme, but still lets you have your TV, computer, or whatever handy.

Sadly, I don’t think that you can buy the cable concealing table, but it’s a good idea for anyone looking to build a table or modify an existing one.


  1. No way could I have a table with one leg bigger than the other. Cool concept though.