Forearm Forklift helps with heavy moves

Forearm Forklift moving straps
If you need to move large or heavy objects around the house, this interesting (and simple) gizmo will give you that extra bit of help you need.

I think that pretty much everyone knows that moving between homes sucks. Besides the many small items that have to be packed, you have a number of large things like mattresses and furniture that are a real pain to move.

Sometimes, these things aren’t that heavy but they are problematic to grasp — if you’ve ever moved a floppy queen sized mattress you know exactly what I mean. You have to stand them up to get through doorways, but when you do this, there’s nowhere to grab the stupid thing!

Enter the Forearm Forklift. It’s another of those wonderful “As Seen on TV” things that will have you smacking your head and saying, “why didn’t I think of that?” Basically, the product consists of some long straps that you put on your forearms and then around the heavy or bulky item and it helps you get a grip so you can get the job done. They also help you from having to bend-over while carrying tall items that need to fit under a doorway, thus helping to avoid back problems.

The Forearm Forklift moving strap system is only about $20 and is available in many, many locations and websites as listed on their page. Next time you’re moving, invest the $20 and save yourself some time and lots of headache!


  1. I saw this about a year ago. Way past my moving date. I can see how this would have been worth it’s weight in gold. GOLD! Then I move a bunch of stuff this last weekend. I think about this item. Man, I should just buy this thing instead of thinking about how easy my moving stuff life would have been.