Extension cords with evenly spaced outlets

Multi outlet extension cord
Another of those “why didn’t I think of that?” inventions.

There have been many times that I took a normal extension cord, plugged an outlet strip into it, and then plugged another cord into that to go further. It’s probably a fireman’s nightmare, but I needed a plug mid-way in the cord.

Enter the multi-outlet extension cords from Lee Valley Tools. They have outlets distributed along the length of the cord rather than just at one end. This makes them perfect for use in workshops and other times around the house that you need to plug multiple things in, but not always at the same location.

The cords are available in heavy-duty ratings for longer runs and have a cover over each plug to prevent accidental contact. They are $25.50 for the 14 gauge and 41.50 12 gauge current monster.


  1. This is such a GREAT invention. At christmas time every year my outlets get really scarey in the front yard with all extension cords. I am definitely going to have to pick one of these up. It will make decorating the front yard so much easier and safer. How cool. Thank you so much for posting about this.