Electrified racket to smack bugs with

Portable electronic bug zapper
Combine the pleasure of zapping insects with electricity and swatting them with a newspaper into one bit of battery-powered goodness!

I’ve actually had one of these for a while and for some reason, it’s never occurred to me that it’s a unique and interesting gizmo lots of people will like!

Basically, the Racket Zapper melds a bug-zapper and a small, tennis-racket shaped frame into a portable bug killing system. You simply hold the “charge” buttons on the handle and the metallic wire grid is charged exactly like the bug zapper you might have in your yard. Then, you simply try to swat the flying bug with the racket, which causes the bug to short between the grids and you hear that satisfying “zap!” as it’s time on this planet is ended.

In my experience, some larger bugs take a couple zaps to kill since the grids aren’t as powerful as a yard zapper (what do you want from AA batteries?) I had a hornet on the grid that was just too big to fully kill, but the racket had enough power to knock it down and let me smash it.

Get your very own portable Racket Zapper for only $10 and bring some sport back into hunting flies, wasps, and other annoying insects!


  1. Oh my god! I can’t wait to get one of those things… It kind of reminds of a fly swatter gun I had as kid. It had spring load swatter thing on a swing. Definitely not has high tech as this one!