Digital picture frames keep your photos fresh

A digital photo frame lets you display your favorite photos
It seems that everyone has a digital camera these days and what happens with those? People take hundreds and thousands of photos. The problem? When you find photos you like and want to display in a frame, most people don’t have enough wall space. Digital picture frames to the rescue!

When you have thousands of photos, you’re sure to have quite a few that you’d like to display somewhere other than on your computer. Normally, you’d print them out and hang them on the wall like a traditional photo, but eventually, you wall will become plastered with too many photos of little Johnny and his pal Spot!

So, get yourself a digital photo picture frame and display a rotating set of your favorite photos in one neat, clean frame. The issue with the digital photo frames is that there are so many of them, covering a wide spectrum of features and prices. You’ll want to avoid the el-cheapo ones that you find in the discount bin and aim for something over $100 or so if you want good quality and decent features. Fortunately, Coolest Gadgets has done the legwork for you and built a nice digital photo frame comparison chart and provided easy-to-understand explanations of the various features.


  1. Those picture frames are cool. I plan to get one for the wife.


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