Boost your closet storage space

Closet organizer keeps your trousers organized
Nearly everyone could use a bit more closet storage space. Sure, you can pack stuff in drawers or shelves, but then your clothes can be difficult to access. Here’s one solution!

If you have multiple pairs of pants (or trousers depending on your dialect), here’s the storage solution for you! The Trouser Closet Organizer is a super-simple gadget that’s made of wooden dowels which are hinged so you can flip the rods out and hang up to 20 pairs of pants in a small space. Your clothes stay organized and wrinkle-free and you can utilize your storage space more efficiently, much like the under-stairs drawers posted a while ago.

Get the 20 pair trouser organizer for $60, which is pretty cheap if you’ve got 20 pairs of dress pants!