Space-age pillows glow like a movie prop

The LED-lit pillow
Want your bedroom to feel like a Star Trek set, at least without the alien babes?

Using Luminex fabric, which combines optical fibers with traditional fabric fibers, the illuminated pillow creates a faint glow that is a “work of art.” The lighting works best with minimal ambient lumination, so don’t expect to enjoy these in bright sunlight.

Oh, and the important part: the Illuminated Pillow will run you $450 big ones to get this pimpalicous goodness into your loveshack.


  1. RAVI GULATI says:

    hi.i m ravi from india plz send me ful detail of–led-pillow.with priece.and how to celect in india.

  2. Hi Ravi – you may click the link in the post above that will take you to the vendor offering the pillows. They will be able to help you with your questions.

  3. This is great stuff! Do you have something Darth Vader might have already used! Lightsabers and light pillows are the stuff!