Polite alarm clock wakes you with wind chimes

This alarm clock plays some tiny wind chimes to wake you in the morning!
Everyone hates that annoying buzzer blast that typical alarm clocks use to blow you out of bed in the morning. This one tries to wake you up without putting you in a bad mood.

“BZZZZTTTT! Time to get up and slave for The Man!” That might as well be what your alarm clock says to you every morning by using that hideously loud buzzer! It’s annoying and often leads to you waking-up “on the wrong side of the bed”.

The Wind Chime Clock, though, tries to take another approach by waking you with the mellow ringing of small metal chime bars like you’d find on outdoor chimes. Of course, if that’s not enough volume to wake you, you can select to use a more traditional beeper, but who’d want to do that? You can select to play the chimes continuously if you wish to have a bit of background noise.

The Wind Chime Alarm Clock is $25 and requires three AAA batteries.