Easier to be lazy with hands-free snooze

Combination clock and home weather station
Activate the snooze on this combination clock and weather station with the wave of your hand.

Nobody likes alarm clocks and most people make pretty liberal use of the snooze button when available. This cool clock/weather station takes the snooze button to the next level by removing the “button”. There’s an infrared detector that you simply wave your hand within three inches of and it activates the snooze feature giving you five more minutes of beauty rest.

Of course, there’s some killer weather station functionality to inform you once you do decide to wake-up. The display shows the temperature, humidity, atomic standard time, moon phase, and more. There’s even a remote wireless sensor you can place outdoors to get the real deal on what’s waiting for you once you step outside the house.

Get the LumiNight Weather Station with hands-free snooze button for $100.


  1. Now only if it will turn on the shower to warm it up for you.