There’s UFO in my toilet!

Jonny Glow glow in the dark toilet locating strips
OK, upon closer inspection, it just looks like a UFO. It’s really some “aiming aids” which help the night-time bathroom visitor hit the mark.

If you’ve ever had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, you already know that turning-on the light helps with accurately finding the toilet but it’s awfully painful on your eyes. However, with Jonny Glow, you can have an eye-friendly low-level light illuminating your toilet target.

The Jonny Glow consists of several glow-in-the-dark strips which are adhered to the inside of the bowl to provide a ring of light. The strips are “charged” with normal room lighting and supposedly last 10 hours after a 15 minute exposure. You can save yourself a bit of cleaning effort by spending only $12 on the Jonny Glow.


  1. Haha, that thing is awesome. And i could definitely use one to go with my toto toilets 😀